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Smokey Bacon Mac n Cheese Croquettes
with bbq aioli – 4 for / 12.9
Wedges / 9.9 (d.f)
Chips / 8.9 (g.f, v.g.a, d.f)
Wings 1LB / 12 (g.f, d.f.a)
choice of BBQ or Buffalo
Roast veg / 4 (g.f, v.g)
Smokey Roast Spuds / 5 (g.f, d.f.a)
topped with béarnaise sauce
American Style Mash / 5 (g.f, d.f)
Potato Salad / 6 (g.f, d.f)
Slaw / 7 (g.f, d.f)
Tossed Salad / 5 (g.f, v.g.a, d.f)
Trio of Salad / 15 (g.f, d.f)


Bridgeway Dirty Bird / 20
three piece southern fried chicken with American mash potato, slaw and ranch dressing

Snitty Chicken or Beef / 20
Served with chips, salad your choice of gravy or parmi
Add Kilpatrick topping / 3

Southern Fried Chicken Burger / 18
lettuce, onion, sriracha aioli & American cheddar on freshly toasted bun

Beef Burger / 17
lettuce, tomato, beef, bacon, cheddar, pickles American mustard and relish on a freshly toasted bun (d.f.a)

Fish and Chips / 19
battered, crumbed or grilled fish with chips, salad and tartare sauce (g.f.a, d.f)

Roast of The Day / 17
with freshly roasted vegetables and gravy (g.f.a, d.f.a)

Pulled Brisket / 18
American style mash, slaw and smokey bbq sauce (g.f, d.f)

14 Hour Slow Cooked BBQ Ribs
Full rack / 28
Half rack / 20
with American mash, slaw and smokey bbq sauce (g.f, d.f)

The Chrysaor / 22
buffalo wings and smokey BBQ pork riblets with chips and sald (g.f, d.f)

Salt and Pepper Squid / 19
with chips, salad and tartare sauce (g.f, d.f)

Cajun Spiced Salmon / 28
pan seared salmon on a bed of steamed rice with seared greens, blistered tomatoes and chilli lime aioli (g.f, d.f.a)


300g Grain Fed Scotch Fillet / 35 
300g Healthy Choice Rump Steak / 32 
300g Porterhouse / 32 
All steaks topped with house Steak butter served with smokey roast potatoes topped with bearnaise sauce and charred broccolini and your choice of sauce (g.f, d.f.a)

Make it Reef & Beef / 5
*ask our staff what aged steaks we have available


Eggplant Snitty / 20
crispy Moroccan crumb served with chips, salad and your choice of sauce (g.f, v.g.a, d.f.a)

Mediterranean Fettucine / 22
house made vegan fettucine with Mediterranean veg tossed through olive oil and pesto sauce (v.g)

The Veg Burger / 18
house made veggie pattie with lettuce, tomato, onion and relish inside a freshly toasted bun (v.g)

Spicey Southern Fried Cauliflower / 12
crispy fried cauliflower in a southern style batter with house made vegan
ranch dressing (v.g)

Miss Margherita

Delicious 12" Pizzas

Miss Aglio
cheesy garlic & rosemary pizza / 10

Miss Margherita
Tomato Sugo, Fresh Basil, buffalo mozzarella cheese and olive oil / 15

Miss Schiacciata
Tomato sugo and basil base, buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, cracked black pepper,fresh roquette, olive oil / 20

Miss Quattro  
1/4 Prawn, 1/4 Chorizo, 1/4 Spanish Olive, 1/4 Margherita / 20

Miss Hawaiana
Tomato sugo and basil base, prosciutto and pineapple / 18

Miss Porchetta
Olive oil and roasted garlic base, pork and fennel sausage, smoked bacon, grana pandano cheese, green olives, sun dried tomato and roquette / 20

Miss Vegetarian
Olive oil and roasted garlic base,charred eggplant, mushrooms, artichoke, olives, roasted capsicum, onion, fetta,finished with pesto / 22

Miss Gamberi
Tomato sugo, prawns, chilli, lemon zest, mozzarella cheese / 22

Miss Turco
Tomato sugo, mozzarella, minced lamb,pomegranate, labne, lemon zest / 20

Miss Formaggi
White base, parmesan, fior di latte, mozzarella, blue vein, touch of pepper / 18

Miss Carne
Thick pizza base, smokey bbq sauce chorizo, smoked bacon, ham, salami, mozzarella / 22

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